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Your guide to Romania's hotel ranking
Your guide to hotel rates in Romania
To find hotels, B&Bs, hostels or campgrounds in Romania, please enter the name the name of the city, town or village you are interested in (left search box).

Romania's Hotel Rating System (look for stars and daisies !)

Hotels in Romania are licensed and periodically inspected by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism, Licensing and Compliance Department:
Directia Generala Control si Autorizare
Bd. Dinicu Golescu 38
010861, Bucharest 1 ROMANIA
Telephone:  021 303.78.39
E-mail:  autorizare@mturism.ro

Most hotels in Romania offer a breakfast buffet at no extra charge.
Hotel rack rates include room charge and sales (VAT) tax.
Hotels in Bucharest and other major cities charge an additional 'city tax'
(in Bucharest 1 percent of the room rate).
Hotels in most mountain and sea towns charge a small additional tax
(local or mountain rescue "Salvamont" tax).
Hotel rankings in Romania rely heavily on the diversity of facilities offered,
such as an on-site restaurant or pool. The level of service and attention to detail may or may not be reflected by the number of stars/ class category.

As in most countries in Europe, Romanian hotels are rated by stars, from one to five, five stars being the best possible rating.

Five Stars    
Five-star hotels offer the highest level of accommodations and services.
The hotel lobbies are sumptuous, the rooms complete with stylish furnishings and quality linens. Several restaurants are on premises and room service is usually available 24 hours a day. Amenities include pools, fitness center, valet and/or garage parking.
Concierge service is also available to assist guests.

Four Stars    
Hotels in this category tend to be large, formal properties with large reception areas.
The level of service is well above average and guest rooms are well furnished.
Restaurant dining is available and may include more than one facility.
Room service is usually offered during most hours. Valet parking and/or garage service typically is provided, as are concierge services, bellhop service, fitness center and pool.

Three Stars    
(First Class)
Typically, these hotels offer good accommodations that include well-appointed rooms and large lobbies. Bellhop service often is not available. The hotels usually feature medium-sized restaurants with breakfast through dinner service. Room service availability may vary. Fitness centers and pools are sometimes provided.

Two Stars    
Two stars usually denote independent hotels offering decent amenities. The facilities typically include telephones and TVs in guest rooms. Some hotels offer limited restaurant service; however, room service and bellhop service usually are not provided.

One Star    
Furnishings and facilities are clean, but basic. Some rooms might have a shared bath. Most one star hotels do not have a restaurant on site but are usually within walking distance of good low-priced dining options.

While exploring Romania's countryside/ smaller towns, visitors can stay at bed and breakfast (B&B) (usually called "Pensiune").
Bed and Breakfast in Romanian villages are rated with daisies, from one to five, five daisies being the best rating.
A Bed and Breakfast offers clean and inexpensive accommodations as well as the opportunity to learn about the day to day life and culture of rural Romania. Visitors will have the chance to try fresh, organic farm products.

For more information about Romania's B&Bs please visit: www.antrec.ro
or contact the nearest Romanian Tourist Information Office