Danube Delta - image by Amanda Lia Rogers


Crisan is the main stepping-off point between Tulcea and Sulina.
A fishermen's village with a few houses spreading over the right bank and a
fishery on the opposite shore, it makes an excellent base for exploring the
surrounding lakes and canals. Private guestrooms and B&Bs are available.
From here, you can rent a boat, or lotca, from the locals, and travel on the
Old Danube Canal to Mila 23 or to Caraorman (Black Forest in Turkish) village and
Caraorman Forest, a strictly protected reserve with brown oak trees, white and black
poplars, white willows and fluffy ash surrounded by sandbanks. Owls, white-tailed eagles,
falcons, wildcats, boars and wolves, as well as many rare plants, thrive in the area.


Image by Amanda Lia Rogers - www.amandarogers.co.nz

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