Lower Danube - Running Home - image by Amanda Lia Rogers


Mila 23 - English engineers measured the course of the Danube in miles, starting with
mile 0 in Sulina on the Black Sea coast.  Hence, 23 miles inland, you will find Mila 23,
a quaint traditional fishing village. Located on a bend of the Sulina arm known as the
'Old Danube' (Dunarea Veche), Mila 23 is one of the main settlements of the Lipoveni,
descendants of Russian refugees who fled from religious persecution in the early 18th
century and who make their living from fishing, livestock breeding and reed
harvesting in this vast area. As this is a good starting point for trips to the nearby
waterways, many villagers rent rooms to visitors.

Image by Amanda Lia Rogers - www.amandarogers.co.nz

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