About Romania Tourism


Romania Tourism aims to increase awareness of Romania's many tourist attractions, to encourage and support travel to Romania.

Although associated with the Romanian National Tourist Office – North America, Romania Tourism remains an independent, non-profit, initiative to produce Web content and to offer assistance to North-American and Australian travelers interested in visiting Romania.

About the Romanian National Tourist Office

The Romanian National Tourist Office — North America (RoNTO)
is the official representative of the Romanian Ministry of Tourism (Ministerul Turismului)

Founded in 1968 to satisfy the growing demand for trusted information and knowledge about tourism and travel to Romania, RoNTO's mission is to represent all the components of Romania's travel industry and to promote and facilitate increased inbound travel from North America to Romania.

RoNTO's activities include:

» Providing information to North American travelers, press, tour operators and travel agencies regarding tourist attractions, travel conditions, events and tourist facilities within Romania

» Facilitating contacts and cooperation between North American and Romanian organizations and business companies involved in travel and tourism in Romania

» Marketing activities aimed at increasing awareness of Romania's tourist attractions among media, consumers and business companies resulting in increased visitation to Romania.

The Romanian Tourist Office works with the mass media, the Romanian and North American tourism industries and professional and social organizations to market Romania as a year-round tourist destination for Americans and Canadians.

The Romanian Tourist Office is a member of:

The European Travel Commission (ETC)
United States Tour Operator Association (USTOA)
National Tour Association (NTA).

Contact information:

Romanian National Tourist Office - North America
600 Third Avenue, suite 224
New York, NY 10016
Telephone: 1 212 545 8484
E-mail: Info@RomaniaTourism.com