Romania in the Press

Travel and Leisure - By Guy Trebay
Welcome to Transylvania
There is another Transylvania. Back and back I have returned to it, as though ineluctably, and lucky in
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AAA Home and Away Magazine - By Jeanine Barone
A Unique Romanian Cheese
Cheese and tree bark don't seem like a natural fit. But this specialty of southeast Transylvania, may go as far back as the 14th century. Read more »
Saveur - By Alexander Lobrano
Eternal Terrain
Just North of Bucharest, I left this century behind,
and an hour later, the last one fell by the wayside, too.
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USA Today - By Tim Leffel
Through Doors in Romania
As I learned during my recent visit, there’s also plenty of beauty to take in while traveling around this country.
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The New York Times - By Peter Wortsman
Deep in the Carpathians, Painted Parables
Architectural historians have described the monastery churches, some shaped like gnomes in slouch hats, as Byzantine churches built with Gothic hands. Read more »
Toronto Star - By John Moore
Transylvanian town keeps its medieval charm
SIBIU has for centuries been a centre of culture, faith and scholarship, and it was in the forefront of the Romanian revolution of the late 1980s... Read more »
Le Devoir - Par Carolyne Parent
Le vin de la jeune fille
JIDVEI - Établi dans la commune de Jidvei depuis 1949, le domaine est le plus important producteur de vin blanc du pays. Read more »
Perceptive Travel - Tim Leffel
A Little Taste of Transylvania
This is the area where most travelers gravitate to if they’ve got some time, which they rightfully should.
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The New York Times - By Ruth Ellen Gruber
Where Art and Faith Embrace in Gura Humorului
GURA HUMORULUI, Romaia - One of those blessed realms where sacred and secular monuments have enriched the enchanting natural landscape. Read more »
The New York Times - By David G. Allan
Q&A: To Bucharest, and Beyond
BUCHAREST, Romania - The largely bucolic region is full of picturesque hamlets that remained intact through the country’s Communist era. Read more »
Global Traveler - By Richard Newton
Bucharest: Brick by Brick
Whichever road we choose from here will take us on a journey not only across Romania’s capital but also through a cross section of the city’s history. Read more »
Toronto Star - By John Moore
Romania's famous painted monasteries
At Moldovita, sightseers taking tours led by some of the resident nuns mingle with worshippers lighting votive candles or offering prayers before icons. Read more »
The Spectator - By John Moore
Famous haunts -Dracula's Castle
It has soaring whitewashed towers and a picturesque courtyard, while the rooms are connected by winding staircases (and secret passages)... Read more »
By Rita Cook (The Travelers Way)
Transylvania: A Walk in Dracula’s Shadow
Is easy to start believing when you drive into the Carpathian Mountains and wind your way through the old forests and into the desolate mountain passes. Read more
Toronto Star - By John Moore
The Last Laugh -The Merry Cemetery
Who says that death can't have its lighter side? Even if you can't read Romanian, the simple paintings on the cross tell unmistakable tales of their own. Read more »
The New York Times - By Evan Rail
Why Go Now
BUCHAREST, Romania - Far cheaper than Prague or Budapest, Bucharest offers much of the culture of the neighboring capitals without the crowds. Read more »
The New York Times - By Nicholas Wood
In Transylvania, a Count Invites You to His Castle
TRANSYLVANIA, Romania - While Bran Castle, the towering fortress most closely associated with Vlad the Impaler, is 41 miles away... Read more»
The New York Times - By Alex Crevar
A Checkered Past Adds Intrigue to Bohemian City
BUCHAREST, Romania - Less difficult to imagine was Bucharest's earlier history, when the city was known as the Paris of the East . Read more »
The New York Times - By Peter S. Green
You'll Die Laughing, if You're Not Already Dead
SAPANTA, Romania - Death, when it visits this isolated town in a forgotten corner of Europe, comes laughing - in the guise, almost, of a comic book. Read more »
The National - By Justin Marozzi
Transylvania: a half-mythical land in Romania
TRANSYLVANIA, Romania - ...There are real-life counts, castles and crags, towers, turrets, bears and bats, not to mention mist-wreathed valleys and more folk legends than you can shake a stick at. Read more »