City Highlights: Museums, Nearby Attractions, Day Trips, Entertainment

Essentials: Transportation, Shopping, Accommodations, Tourist info

General Information
Location: Eastern Romania (County: Galati)
Size: 46.4 sq. miles (120 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 115 ft. (35 meters)
Population: 286,000
Inhabited since: 500 BC
First documented: 1134 AD

GALATI - City Highlights

Fortified Church of Precista, Mavromol Church, The Orthodaox Cathedral, Palace of Justice, Maritime Terminal, Marine Museum, Botanical Garden

» Museums

Museum of Visual Arts, Museum of History, Museum of Natural History

» Nearby Attractions

The Garboave Forest — natural oak tree reserve (1,000 acres)
Ostrovul Prut Natural Park

» Day Trips

Odobesti Vineyards
Niculitel Vineyards
Cruises on the Danube River

» Entertainment

Drama Theatre "Fani Tardini," Musical Theatre "Nae Leonard"



» Transportation

» By air

Galati Airport
There is no scheduled/ regular air service to Galati. However, the airport is open for charter flights to / from any city in Romania.

» By train

Galati Train Station (Gara Galati)
Strada Garii nr. 1 (0.4 miles from downtown).
Daily connections to / from main cities in Romania.

» By car

Distance from Galati to:
City Distance (miles)
Bucharest 151
Brasov 182
Cluj 353
Constanta 127
Oradea/Felix Spa 447
Sibiu 273
Suceava 211
Timisoara 445

» Public Transportation

Several bus routes connect Galati's main areas and tourist attractions.
Route 102
To Museum of Visual Arts and the History Museum.

» Taxi Companies

Delta Car telephone: 0240 320.000
Ace telephone: 940
Leonardo telephone: 947

» Shopping

Galeriile de Arta, Strada Domneasca nr.19, Telephone: 0240 471.181
Vox Maris Shopping Centre, Strada Brailei nr.7-9
Modern Shoppig Centre, Strada Domneasca nr. 24

» Accommodations

3-star Hotels(mid-scale): Galati, Faleza, Alex
2-star Hotels (mid-scale): Dunarea, Sofin
1-star Hotels (budget): Sport

For a list of available accommodations in Galati please check our

Accommodations guide.

» Tourist Information

Useful Telephone Numbers (area code: 0236)
Ambulance 112
Bus Terminal 0240 412.683
City Hall 0240 317.000
Hospital 0240 318.888
Local & County Archives 0240 436.114
Police 112
Train Station 0240 460.643
Tourist Information 0240 - 422.096
Consumer Protection Agency 0240 413.928

» Maps

- City Map (Harta orasului Galati) - coming soon
- Romania Maps(Harta Romaniei)