Romania: An Illustrated History Nicolae Klepper

$14.95 paperback; ISBN 0-7818-0935-5
298 pages; 5 x 7; 80 b/w illustrations/photos/maps
Publication date: January 2003


"An insightful and much-needed synthesis addressed to all those who want to understand Romanian history, politics, culture, and society."
- Professor Vladimir Tismaneanu, University of Maryland,
author of Stalinism for All Seasons: A Political History of Romanian Communism

As a country, Romania has only been in existence since 1859, but the history of its people stretches back to the late Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, to the Geto-Dacians and the Romans. This concise yet thorough narrative tells the fascinating story of the evolution of the Romanians, the creation of the Romanian Principalities, their struggle against empire-building powers, and their eventual unification to form the state of Romania.

Many chapters begin with a section called "Perspective", which provides context for Romanian history by describing events occurring simultaneously in other parts of Europe. The book’s engaging, accessible format features over eighty illustrations, maps, and charts. It is ideal for the student, traveler, or generally curious reader.

Nicolae Klepper was born in Bucharest, Romania. He moved to America at the outbreak of World War II and had no contact with the country of his birth for 50 years. That changed in 1989, when he watched the footage of the revolution and collapse of Communism in Romania. Out of his renewed connection with Romania came his first book, Taste of Romania: Its Cookery and Glimpses of Its History, Folklore, Art, Literature and Poetry (Hippocrene Books, 1997). Now retired, Klepper lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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