www.RomaniaTourism.com (RoNTO) Link Policy


Sites not meeting these guidelines will not be considered for inclusion in RomaniaTourism.com

1. Only selected Websites serving travelers who are planning to visit Romania or who would like to learn more about this country will be accepted.

2. If your site offers services or products for sale RoNTO's logo must be posted in your site and a reciprocal link to RomaniaTourism.com is required.

3. Your site must be in (good and correct) English.

4. Your site should feature original content.

5. Your site cannot contain pornography or adult-only content, graphic violence, material that infringes on or violates someone's rights, material that promotes/disseminates illegal activities, or undue hate speech or material.

6. Your site must be up-and-running seven days a week and 24 hours a day

7. Your site cannot mirror or redirect to another website.

8. Your site should load at an acceptable speed.

9. Your site should not be under-construction, and links must be working.