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Baia Mare (By ah Mah reh)

Baia Mare

Baia Mare General Information

Fast Facts

Location: Northwestern Romania (County: Maramures)
Size: 20 sq. miles (52 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 729 ft. (228 m.)
Population: 136,000
First documented: 1329 AD

City Highlights

One of the most important mining centers of Romania, Baia Mare has a history of more than 2,000 years of gold, silver, and other nonferrous metals extraction. First mentioned in 1329, Baia Mare has preserved some its medieval past around the main town square, Piata Libertatii.

The oldest house here, dating from the 1440s, stands on the east side of the square, a lone remnant of a long-gone castle built by Transylvanian prince Iancu de Hunedoara for his wife Elisabeta.
The house, appropriately named Casa Elisabeta, is now an art exhibitions venue.
Towering above the square is the Gothic-style 120-foot-tall watchtower, Stephen's Tower (Turnul lui Stefan), spanning six centuries of history.
(Baia Mare - City Map)

A sweet chestnut reserve spans the hills overlooking Baia Mare.
Baia Mare is the northernmost location of the chestnut tree Castanea sativa in Europe.

Another square, Piata Izvoarelor, houses Baia Mare's main open-air food market.

Next to it stands the only remaining part of the town's 15th century medieval fortifications,
the Butchers' Tower (Turnul Macelarilor).


Baia Mare Art Museum
(Muzeul Judetean de Arta)

Address: Str. 1 Mai nr. 8
Telephone: 0262 213.964
Tue. – Sun.: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Admission charge
Baia Mare Art Museum Facebook page
The Art Museum, located in a landmark building dating from 1784, holds a treasure trove of art depicting life in Maramures from the late 1800s to today. The permanent painting collection features works of artists from the Baia Mare School, as well as valuable Romanian and European contemporary art.

Baia Mare History & Archaeology Museum
(Muzeul Judetean de Arheologie si Istorie)

Address: Str. Monetarie 3
Telephone: 0262 211.924
Tue. – Sun: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Admission charge
Housed in the elegant 18th century Baroque Treasury building, the museum offers an introduction to the mining history of the region, especially to the most important one, gold mining.

Baia Mare Etnographic Museum
(Muzeul de Etnografie si Arta Populara)

Address: Str. Dealul Florilor 1
Telephone: 0262 276.895
Open: Tue. – Sun. 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (May - September);
Tue. – Sun. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (October – April); Closed Mon.
Admission charge
Traditional Maramures wooden houses are on display.

Baia Mare Mineralogy Museum
(Muzeul de Mineralogie „Victor Gorduza”)

Address: Blvd. Traian 8
Telephone: 0262 227.517
Open: Tue. – Sun. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Admission charge
Here you will find sample of local rocks and crystals, including some wonderful crystal flowers.


Nearby Attractions

Baia Mare makes an excellent starting point for the numerous cultural and natural attractions in the Maramures region, dominated by a landscape of mountains and rolling hills.

Gutai-Ignis natural reserve, the wooden churches in Surdesti and Plopis, Dan Les' potery workshop in Baia Sprie are within a 20 miles radius from Baia Mare.

The Gutai, Lapus, Tibles Maramures and Rodnei Mountains are cut by passes including the Huta, Gutai, Prislop, Setref and Botiza. Three large valleys cross the region: the Viseu, Iza and Mara.

The Rodnei Mountains National Park, a natural reserve filled with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, has been awarded biosphere status by UNESCO. Here, chamois leap between rocks, eagles' cries ring out overhead and as the snows recede in the spring, crocus and other flowers cut swaths of dazzling colors across the landscape.


Day Trips

Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) in Sapanta

Where: 40 miles northwest of Baia Mare
Nearest train station: Sighetu Marmatiei

Colorful, five-foot carved oak crosses, featuring portraits or scenes from the deceased's life, are inscribed with witty epitaphs that capture essential elements – both the good and the imperfections – of the villagers who rest here. Words and images were chosen by the sculptor as he saw fit at this unique cemetery located just 15 minutes outside of Sighetu Marmatiei.

The crosses also feature geometric designs in symbolic colors: yellow for fertility (the subject had many children), red for passion, green for life, black for early death. The townsfolks' ancestors considered death as a beginning, not the end. Therefore, the background is always blue, the color of hope and freedom.

Even without benefit of translation, visitors will appreciate the handiwork of sculptor Stan Ion Patras (1907-1977), who began carving these epitaphs in 1935. Patras' house in the village is now a fascinating museum. Vasile Stan, one of Patras' apprentices, continues the work of his master.

Wooden Churches of Maramures

The Wooden Churches of Maramures are unique in shape and ornamentation and eight of them – in Barsana, Budesti, Desesti, Ieud, Plopis, Poienile Izei, Rogoz and Surdesti,– have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

The characteristic high roofs and tall, narrow, pointed steeples are often collectively described as the Gothic Style of Maramures. The primary wood material used by the artisans was local oak, which has survived the elements with sturdy elegance until today. The interior walls of the churches were painted by local artists, with biblical scenes often juxtaposed against the familiar landscape of the village. Most of these houses of worship have stood proudly since the 17th and 18th centuries – some even longer. The oldest wooden church in Maramures is the Church on the Hill in Ieud, which dates from 1364.

To learn more about the Wooden Churches of Maramures please visit:

Authentic Experiences

Viseu Valley Narrow Gauge Steam Train (Mocanita)

.Viseu de Sus narrow-gauge train info


City Essentials


For a list of available accommodation in Baia Mare, please check our Baia Mare hotel list or our
Romania on-line Accommodation Guide.



By Air

Baia Mare Tautii Magheraus International Airport (BAY)
Address: Str. Tautii Magheraus
Telephone: 0262 293.444
Baia Mare is served by weekly direct flights from/to Bucharest.
The airport is located about six miles west of the city center; free shuttle bus transfer is available.

Nearby airports:
Satu Mare (SUJ) - / 40 miles west of Baia Mare
Cluj Napoca (CLJ) - / 90 miles south
Suceava (SCV) - / 170 miles east of Baia Mare


Car Travel to/ from Baia Mare

Driving route from Bucharest to Baia Mare via E60 – E576 - E58 – 1C:
Bucuresti – Sinaia – Brasov – Sighisoara – Cluj – Dej – Baia Mare

Driving route from Budapest to Baia Mare via E71 – E58 - 1C:
Budapest –Mateszalka – Satu Mare – Baia Mare


Distance from Baia Mare to:
CityDistance (Miles)
Belgrade (Serbia)330
Budapest (Hungary)250
Cluj Napoca90
Gura Humorului145
Prague (Czech Republic)580
Satu Mare40
Sighetu Marmatiei30
Targu Mures130
Vienna (Austria)400


Baia Mare Train

Baia Mare train station
(Gara Baia Mare)
Address: Str. Garii 4
Telephone: 0262 220.995
Daily train service to Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta (summer time only), Satu Mare, Sighisoara, and several other cities in Romania. There is no direct train service between Baia Mare and Suceava. To get to Suceava, you must change trains in Cluj or Dej.

To check train and bus schedules for domestic routes please visit our
Domestic Transportation section
Note: For departures from /to Bucharest, please select Bucuresti Nord.

SNCFR Ticket Office
(Agentia de Voiaj SNCFR)
Address: Str. Victoriei 57
Telephone: 0262 219.113

Baia Mare SNCFR ticket office offers train information and tickets for future travel.
Tickets for same-day travel can only be purchased at the train station.

Baia Mare Bus

Baia Mare Main Bus Station
(Autogara Baia Mare)
Address: Str. Garii 2
Telephone: 0262 221.777

Daily domestic bus service from/to:
Arad, Borsa, Carei, Negresti-Oas, Oradea, Salonta, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Targu Lapus, Timisoara, Vama

A shuttle service from Baia Mare to Budapest (Hungary) Nepliget bus terminal
(with stops in Satu Mare and Budapest Airport)
is operated by Efi Travel / EFI Bus
For more information and reservations please E-mail EFI Travel or call (+4) 0745 600.796


Car rental

Rent A Car Maramures
Address: Aleea Dobrogei 1/30
Telephone: 0744 705.873

Promotor Rent a Car
Address: Strada Victoriei 73
Telephone: 0734 403.403

Rent A Car Airport
Telephone: 0788 523.551

Telephone: 0754 223.007


Baia Mare Taxi

Taxi companyPhone #
Gallant0262 216.363
Mara0262 954
Siromex0262 944
Stotax0262 222.111
TaxiRo0262 944
Usi Taxi262 949


Tourist Info

Maramures Tourist Information Center
(Centrul de Informare Turistica Maramures)
Address: Str. Gheorghe Sincai 46, Baia Mare
Telephone: 0262 206.113


Postal services & Telephone

Post offices display a postal horn symbol and the word Posta.

Main Post Office
Address: Blvd. Traian 1 A
Telephone: 0262 250.364
Mon. – Fri.: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sat. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Telephoning Baia Mare from Abroad
International Access Code +40 (country code) + 262 or 362 (area code) + six-digit telephone number


Baia Mare — Useful Telephone Numbers

Baia Area Code (Prefix Baia Mare) — 0262 & 0362

General Emergency #: 112
(Ambulance ((Ambulanta)), Police (Politia), Fire Department (Pompierii)

Maramures County Archives - Baia Mare
(Directia Judeteana Maramures a Arhivelor Nationale)
Address: Bd. Bucuresti 26,
Baia Mare, postal code 430052
Telephone: 0262 437.948

Baia Mare City Hall (Primaria): 0262 211.001

Consumer Protection Agency
(Oficiul pentru Protectia Consumatorilor)
Address: Str. Dimitrie Cantemir 4B
Telephone: 0262 218.887



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- Romania Maps(Harta Romaniei)