Three hundred and sixty two species of birds call the Danube Delta home;
the migratory ones from late Spring until mid-Fall.
There are plenty of locations throughout the Danube Delta to watch fowl in their natural habitat and most bird-watchers will be lucky enough to spot Black Pelican colonies.
Bird-watchers do not need a special license, just a Danube Delta visitor permit.
Specialized tour operators will assure a most successful bird-watching trip to the Danube Delta.


Camping and Camper sites can be found all over the country and are, usually, open from late April until late October.

Campers interested in wilderness experiences, enjoy camping far from others and do not need any amenities can camp in most forests and public lands in Romania, as long as it does not, in some way, adversely affects wildlife species or natural resources, conflict with other authorized uses or in areas posted "closed to camping.
All free/ dispersed campers are responsible for obeying the following rules and regulations:
• Camping is allowed in any suitable site that already exists or any opening in the woods (a natural clearing or meadow).
• Do not block trails or roads with your vehicle.
• Creation of a new campsite, by cutting trees or vegetation, or building permanent structures, is strictly prohibited.
• Place camping equipment to avoid damage to plants and do not camp within 100 feet of any water source,
• No digging or trenching around tents or other camp shelters is allowed.
• If you need a campfire while dispersed camping, select a safe place and exercise caution;
only dead wood, lying on the ground, can be collected for campfires.
• All campers must "leave no trace" no matter where they camp.
• All garbage must be removed; do not burn litter or garbage.
• Bury human waste (if vault toilets are not available) and animal parts, such as fish guts,
at least 100 feet from a water body and away from areas where it could cause a nuisance or hazard to public health.
Never defecate or leave toilet paper on top of the ground.
Dig a hole ten inches deep and at least 100 feet away from any water source. When you are done, fill the hole with soil.

To find campsites in Romania please visit one of the following Websites:


With a terrain that ranges from steep and challenging to gentle and relaxing,
Romania offers bikers of all skills and levels something to enjoy along its bike trails.
Romania Bicycle Itinerary Ideas - popular bike trails in each region of Romania.

Danube River Bike Trail
Belgrade to the Black Sea
Your cycling guide of a 875 miles (1,400 kilometre) long, adventurous journey from Belgrade to the Danube Delta and Black Sea.
Wonderful natural landscapes and humble villages make this trail an unique experience.
The Belgrade fortress, the Kalemegdan, the Iron Gate, the undulating hilly landscapes of Bulgaria and Romania and the numerous archaeological excavations and ruins of past empires are only some of the highlights of this journey.
The last section in Romania to Tulcea can be along the Danube or via the harbour city of Constanta and the Black Sea coast.
From Tulcea you can take a river cruise to the delta and the mouth of the Danube at kilometre zero.
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With more than 160 species of game fish, the Danube Delta is truly a fisherman's paradise.
Trophy-size catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and more thrive in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that dot the land of Romania.
Fishing is permitted in most lakes and rivers of Romania, year round, except from April 1 until May 31.


Golf is gaining popularity among Romanians.
Little-known to avid golfers, Romania is home to few but quite challenging Golf Courses:

Teodora Golf Club - Alba Iulia
Location: Teleac - four miles east of Alba Iulia
Nearest airports: Sibiu (50 miles south) and Cluj Napoca (60 miles north)
Theodora Golf Club facts:
Golf course area: 139 acres Number of holes: 18
~ par 3 number of holes: 4
~ par 4 number of holes: 10
~ par 5 number of holes: 3
~ par 6 number of holes: 1
Total hole length: 7.128 yards
Longest hole: 835-yard, par 6 (longest in Europe).

Lac de Verde - Breaza
9 hole
Location: Breaza
Nearest towns: Sinaia (15 miles N), Ploiești (28 miles S), Brașov (45 miles N) and Bucharest (75 miles S)
Nearest airport: Bucharest (70 miles south)

Clubul Diplomatic- Bucharest
Address: Șoseaua București - Ploiești
6 hole / 100 acres

Golf Club Paul Tomița
Location: Pianu de Jos
Nearest city: Alba Iulia (15 miles NE)
Nearest airports: Sibiu (50 miles south) and Cluj Napoca (80 miles north).


The Carpathian mountain range forms a huge arc in the centre of Romania and covers over 30% of her territory.
Within this range are innumerable places of natural beauty: mountain peaks, gorges, lakes, forests, caves, mud volcanoes and fossil deposits. It is very easy to find a great hiking trail.
Romania is home to more than 400 parks and nature reservations protecting hundreds of species of flora and fauna.
The variety of terrain, from mountainous to gentle, offers something for every hiker regardless of skill or level.
Rock-climbing enthusiasts need to head for the main rock-climbing gateways: Busteni, Sinaia, Zarnesti and Petrosani.

Horseback Riding

Romania's Carpathian mountains and rural areas offer excellent possibilities for horseback riding vacations.

Horse-back riding centres in Romania include:

Equus Silvania
Location: 128 miles N of Bucharest, 29 miles W of Brasov

Maggie's Ranch
Location: 114 miles N of Bucharest, 18 miles S of Brasov

Potcoava Riding Centre
(Centrul de echitatie Potcoava)
Location: 76 miles NW of Bucharest, 55 miles S of Brasov
Address: Punct Palanga Chiciura, Sat Runcu


Most popular rafting rivers in Romania are Aries, Basca, Bistrita, Buzau, Cerna, Crisul Repede, Jiu, and Nera.
WhiteWater offers an excellent map of the best rafting destinations in Romania as well as detailed info on planning your Romania rafting experience.

Companies that are offering rafting programs include:
Outdoor Experience
Romania Adventure
Transylvania Extreme Adventure


A multitude of mountain resorts offer slopes from novice to challenging.
Many of these resorts offer a multitude of other activities including cross-country skiing, snowboarding and tubing.
The highest ski point in Romania is located at 6,600 ft. above the sea level.
Major ski resorts include Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Paltinis and Runcu.
More information about Romania's ski resorts


Romania has numerous scenic drives, best known are perhaps the TransFagarasan, TransAlpina and TransBucegi.

Motorists can always design their own itinerary on country roads, in the wine country, over the Carpathian Mountains or along the Danube river.

Companies that offer motorcycle rental and motorcycle tours include:
Moto 4 Rent (Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles)
Moto Rentals (B M W motorcycles)
Riderly (BMW, Honda and Suzuki motorcycles)
Transylvania Live (BMW motorcycles)
Bike 2 Rent (Enduro / Touring motorcycles)