Romania is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history and is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting architecture. If you're planning on making Romania your next vacation destination, you might need a certificate of good conduct. It's a document that may be required by Romanian authorities, so it's important to know how a criminal records check works for U.S. citizens when visiting Romania.

What Is a Certificate of Good Conduct?

A certificate of good conduct is an official document issued by the federal or state government that proves that you have no criminal record in the United States. It's important to note that a certificate of good conduct does not erase your criminal history—it is simply one of the ways to learn how to find out if someone is a felon or to show Romanian authorities that you have no convictions on your record.

How Do You Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct?

It's easy to apply for a certificate of good conduct when you know the requirements and where to request it.

Contact Your Local State Police

You'll need to contact your local police department and send a request for a certificate of good conduct. The requirements for each state will vary but an accomplished request form and fingerprint form, proof of identity (government-issued ID or birth certificate, etc.), and payment are the usual requirements you'll need to submit.

Some states have an online portal to make it easy for you to get your certificate. However, some would require you to personally appear in their office to complete the request.

Make a Request to the FBI

You can also make a request for the certificate of good conduct to the FBI. You'll need an application form filled in with the necessary information, a standard fingerprint form with impressions of your fingerprints, and the payment for the fee. You must also include in your application a letter requesting to have your certificate forwarded to the Department of State authentication.

Get Your Fingerprints Taken

If you are getting your prints taken before you leave, you can get your fingerprint card from your local state police. You can impress your fingerprints on the card on your own but it is advisable to go to a fingerprinting technician to have the form filled out properly.[1]

If you're already in Romania, you can download the Standard Fingerprint Form, then go to the General Police Inspectorate in Bucharest to have your fingerprints taken.[3]

Romanian Police

Have the Certificate Authenticated

Once you receive the certificate from the local state police, it would need an apostille to show its authenticity. You can contact your state Office of the Secretary and ask them how to have your document authenticated. If you request the certificate of good conduct through the FBI, the bureau will forward the results to the Department of State as long as you have included in your request that the certificate needs an apostille.

How Much Does a Certificate of Good Conduct Cost?

The fee you need to pay would depend on where you're requesting the certificate of good conduct. If you're requesting through the state police, fees could go for as low as 10 US dollars and as high as $75 US dollars, depending on the state.

However, if you're requesting a certificate of good conduct through the FBI, you must pay 18 US dollars. You can settle the fee via credit card, certified check, or money order. If you’re going to pay using your credit card, don’t forget to include an accomplished Credit Card Payment Form along with the other requirements.

Can a Private Company Help Me Get a Certificate of Good Conduct?

FBI-approved channelers can help you get a certificate of good conduct. These are private companies that will help you get a copy of your certificate. FBI-approved channelers follow the same process as you would when you apply for a certificate of good conduct on your own.

You can visit the FBI website page to get the list of approved channelers.[2]

The information above should give you an idea of what you should do in order to obtain a certificate of good conduct when you’re planning to visit Romania. The process isn’t always easy, but it can be a lot less complicated than what you imagined if done in the right way.

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