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Bike Mountain Trip

Romania is relatively undiscovered by road cyclists and mountain bikers but the country's varied terrain, spectacular Carpathian Mountains and serene countryside are offering true delights for two-wheeled visitors of all levels.

Numerous bicycle-friendly roads and dedicated paths have recently been built and more and more towns and villages are now ready to provide equipment and services for independent or large groups of cyclists.

Romania bicycle routes by region:

Danube Delta bike routes

The Danube Delta's unexpected ecological diversity - swamps, forests, lagoons and lakes - are home to various wildlife and provide an ever-changing scenery. Here are a few of the most popular bike tracks in the Danube Delta:

Tulcea – Pardina – Chilia Veche
( Tulcea – Patlageanca – Salaceni – Ceatalchioi – Plauru – Pardina – Chilia Veche )
Distance: 44 miles
This route requires one water crossing (barge): Tulcea to Tudor Vladimirescu

Periprava - Sulina
( Periprava – Letea - C.A. Rosetti – Cardon - Sulina )
Distance: 19 miles
This route requires two water crossings at Chilia Veche – Periprava (small boat) and Sulina (left bank to right bank – small boat)

Sulina – Sfantu Gheorghe
Distance: 22 miles

Sfantu Gheorghe – Gura Portitei
Distance: 59 miles
This route requires two water crossings at (small boat) at Sfantu Gheorghe and Perisor (small boat)

Tulcea - Gorgova
(Tulcea – Nufaru - Partizani – Maliuc - Gorgova)
Distance: 27 miles
This route requires one water crossing at Nufarul

Other bike routes in the Danube Delta / Dobrogea area include:

Tulcea – Agighiol – Sabangia – Sarichioi – Lake Razim – Enisala – Cetatea Enisala – Salcioara – Jurilovca – Cetatea Argamum / Capul Dolosman – Jurilovca.

Jurilovca – Salcioara – Enisala

Jurilovca – Visina – Padurea Babadag

Jurilovca – Ceamurlia de Jos - Doua Cantoane – Slava Rusa

Jurilovca- Cetatea Histria – Vadu – Mamaia – Constanta

Tulcea – Tudor Vladimirescu – Patlageanca – (Sireasa canal + Mila 35) – Pardina – Grindul Stipoc – Schitul Sf. Atanasie – Chilia Veche – Tatanir – Pardina – Patlageanca – Tudor Vladimirescu – Tulcea